Barty è l'alleato perfetto

Prepara i tuoi
cocktail con un TOCCO!

Facile Veloce Preciso Compatto

Ogni cocktail è perfetto, ogni volta.

Prepara i tuoi cocktail
con un TAP!

Facile Veloce Preciso Compatto

Ogni cocktail è perfetto, ogni volta.

Molti vantaggi, un alleato.

Barty con cocktail

Barty is a compact system of automated mixing for making your professional cocktails.

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Più tempo per i tuoi clienti!
Con Barty, puoi preparare cocktail di qualità professionale solo con un tocco.

Riduce i costi

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Con Barty, riduci il costo di ogni cocktail,
eliminando gli sprechi, senza alcun compromesso sulla qualità.

Velocizza il servizio

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per un drink

Barty, assicura un servizio veloce e la qualità costante di ogni cocktail, anche senza essere un professionista.

Look at Barty close-up.

With its dimensions 30 cm in length, 40 cm high and 32 cm wide, Barty perfectly suits all situations. The bottles can be positioned in sight or in a different way, and due to its light weight of only 6 kg can be easily transported everywhere to offer its best service at every occasion.

Very Smart Working.

Given the extraordinary intelligence applied to the machine and to its control system, Barty is very easy to manage and to set up. Its dedicated mobile app is easy and instant, with a few taps you will be able to make your perfect cocktails. The perfect mix, your mix. Perfect mix, your mix.

App Barty

Many functions, no buttons: Barty does it all by itself. Just with a tap on the device or tablet you access all its functions.

The latest generation processor and the rapid hydraulic system inside the machine, allow to make a great number of cocktails. That way you’ll have enough time to think of new strategies and new recipes, letting Barty to take the more mechanical and repetitive work phases. Never stopping and without delays!

Barty prepares up to 150 drinks per hour, each of the same standards of costs and quality.

Barty is precise and, at the same time, adapts to you and your way of making drinks and cocktails. Its flawless performance gives the mixologist time to focus on creative presentations and surprising details, that way adding a touch of his exclusive style.

Barty con bottiglie installate sul retro

Barty is a proper appliance for bars and restaurants as it guarantees the output according to the set quantity with the perfect consumption control and without wasting a drop.

Barty is as big as a compact coffee machine or a drink dispenser. It therefore adapts to all situations, conditions and to any space. It does not need the space planning or installation. Just needs energy and your creativity to do its best work.

Dimensioni Barty

Barty is the smallest device for automated mixing on the market. Ultra-light body and very small dimensions make it suitable for any kind of context.

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